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Happy 30th Anniversary!

Yes, we have been in business for 30 years.

In early 1988, just a few short months after the crash of ’87, we opened for business in a small shop in Parnell. Prior to 1987 I had been working in the UK and buying antiques in my spare time. When I had filled two containers with furniture, I shipped them to my bemused parents in Te Aroha just until I worked out my next move. Who would have children!

Thirty years on, the direction of John Stephens & Co has evolved and we have been fortunate to be able to keep up with furniture trends.

What I didn’t appreciate back in 1988 was that this furniture/antiques business is a fashion industry. During the past 30 years, we have moved from exclusively stocking English antiques, to English and French antiques, and now bespoke decorative furniture sourced in Sweden, Denmark and the USA. We still buy and sell English and French antiques, but we have evolved and diversified to include different furniture styles.

Furniture with clean lines and gorgeous paint finishes sits happily alongside 18th and 19th century oak and walnut antiques, mirrors and chandeliers.

Additionally, we have been asked to build solid boardroom furniture for a boutique law firm. This exciting project utilises the skills and expertise of our talented staff: industrial design, skilful manufacturing and project management.

We are enthusiastic about the future for John Stephens & Co and look forward to continuing to bring you the best furniture that Europe offers.

Keep an eye on John Stephens and Company’s website and Instagram account to see what’s new and inspiring.

Distressed carpets from Europe

Mural wallpapers

Classical lighting collection

Libraries and wine cellars



And always those period pieces from France, England and Sweden that set interiors apart.


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