2018 is off to a flying start!!

We have all sorts of gorgeous new things in stock that were delivered just before Christmas! Lots of incredible chandeliers, military chests, empire mirrors, Cricket and Burgundian wine tables, drinks trolleys, more of our lanterns in 3 different sizes...and so many more exciting things.

We also just received a shipment of iconic 1950's Italian Castelli chairs and Georgian lanterns (not in 3 sizes) which will be in the showroom in the coming days.

While you have been sitting in New Zealand’s glorious sun over the festive season, I have donned my tramping boots and stomped through the freezing French warehouses in pursuit of antiques to excite you…romantic this antique dealing.

We look forward to seeing you again this year!

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tall Mirror

2017 Is very busy -Again

2017 - Busy Again!

I thought 2017 might see things slowing up a bit - wrong again.

Five containers/part shipments arrived over the summer break. Two containers were out of France. A third was full of Faux books from England. The fourth was full of contemporary French furniture. We have a lot of lovely furniture!! The fifth shipment was Kat's bleached rugs, which are pretty cool. We need a 'Rugs' button on the website.

We are working on our new classical lighting collection. The first of our globe lights is in the shop. We are refining the lights' finishes - they will be uploaded to the website under 'Lighting', for your viewing pleasure.

The Weatherby George bookcase and library department has worked through the holidays to catch up with orders. Doug is busy drawing plans for customers' new orders.

There are a lot of wonderful upholstered pieces coming through - frame restoration, upholstery and fabric. We do a great job of ensuring the integrity of the pieces, before Kat chooses some stylish and transformative 'wow factor' fabric. Keep an eye on the website.

Due to very high demand, our wonderful European supplier has managed to source three fantastic and iconic 1950's drinks trolleys. See #101-19, the

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2017 A new year

Gosh, Christmas is upon us!

We will be open until, and including, Christmas Eve, but generally closed until January 9th. Having said that, we will be…

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Spring Sprang Sprong

The first day of spring and my 26th wedding anniversary – must say, Vanessa has done well!

We are running on one leg here. Our one…

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Winter is here - Isn't it glorious!

The Brexit victory will be a major for us. At present, the transit of JSA goods through EU borders is seamless. It is depressing to…

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Autumn is upon us!

Container 101 arrived two weeks ago and everyone is busy rushing around getting it sorted. The Scotty dogs have been in to make final restoration…

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We have just landed our 100th container from France - quite a momentous occasion, cause for celebration really!

We imported just one container in…

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Happy New Year!

I hope your Christmas/summer break was a good one and that you are rested, restored and ready for 2016.


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Second of two shipments just landed- Unpacking now

We have just received the second of the two containers filled during my recent trip to Europe. With Kat managing the shop I was…

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Hello and welcome to John Stephens website...

I looked at our home page yesterday and noted that, although we put new stock on the website everyday (See ‘All…

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ANZAC Weekend Hours

We are closed for Anzac Day this Saturday and Monday the 27th of April.

Business as usual from Tuesday 28th April.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

John &…

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2015-Looks to be rock and rolling

We had a shipment arrive Christmas eve! Which we have unpacked early this year and sent off for restoration.

Some stunning Swedish Gustavan pieces-press the Gustavan…

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Christmas & New Year Shop Hours

Shop Hours

23rd December 9am - 5.30pm

Christmas Eve 9am - 2pm

Then by Appointment 09 5291660

We thank you for your support in 2014. The new shipment has…

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New Shipment - Just Landed

We are just unpacking the contents of the shipment purchased on the last trip to Europe. The first container (there are two) is here -…

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