Spring Sprang Sprong

2nd September 2016

The first day of spring and my 26th wedding anniversary – must say, Vanessa has done well!

We are running on one leg here. Our one woman sales force has gone to the Design Fair in Paris and the Textile Houses in London. Kat is expected back in mid-September, laden with ideas, samples and all. 

And so it’s onwards with the upgrading of John Stephens & Company. I am certain that with Kat’s input, John Stephens & Co furniture and furnishings will continue to have a new edge.

The thing is, it feels like yesterday that I was the new boy on the block!

Weatherby George, our cabinetry team, is happy to be back from a four months long world tour. We are very happy to see Doug back because orders for his wares were backing up very rapidly. The innovative designs for bespoke wine cellars and libraries just keep coming, along with orders for bespoke dining tables. 

Presently, Doug is working on a 3.6 metre refectory table made from very old French oak.

August was our busiest month in 28 years. Luckily, we have had a new shipment in to restock John Stephens & Co with the best we can find in France, England & Sweden.


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