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French Console
14th May 2015

I looked at our home page yesterday and noted that, although we put new stock on the website everyday (See ‘All Stock’ button), the front page has not been updated for over three months!

We’re so busy! We’ve just landed two containers and there are two more on the water – we have never been so busy, the shop looks devastated. Possibly the busyness is due to our new 1 woman sales force (Kat) who has been with us for 5 months now and has moved me out the back to be in charge of sourcing and restoration while she is ‘polite’ to customers!

Kat has been working in London for lots of creative people, most recently Terrence Conran, and also has her own jewellery brand (shadowkatjewellery.com) but is thoroughly enjoying working here with our client base here - she assures me.

We have just posted out our latest Gustavian catalogue to the most of our customers that have been active in the last 5 years. If you didn’t receive one, call Kat on 09-529-1660 and she will post one out to you – or you can download it from the Gustavian Catalogue icon which you can find in the menu down the left hand side of the website.

The Swedish furniture is a wonderful addition to out range of furniture with the French furniture still being the main focus and the classical English pieces being very specific – cricket tables, military chests and pedestal desks still being very popular.

As you know, we make lots of new furniture including our Weatheryby George (button down the left hand menu) libraries and wine cellars, we are installing one a week at the moment.

We recently manufactured four beautiful console tables for the Wellington Opera House (and supplied two buttoned three seater sofas). Kat was marvellous as it was a very tricky design job and involved 8 different trades in the production. You can see a photo of one of consoles is above.

We are now looking at a longer version to sit behind a sofa and designing some different styles.

We have a shipment of chandeliers in from France and another 12 in the container arriving early October. It is generally very difficult to find the really pretty ones now, but these are some of the nicest we have seen - one wonderful crystal stemmed, 2-tier monster and a stunning waterfall and basket crystal number.


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