Away Buying in England, Sweden and France

Ebonised Bookcase
8th June 2014

I have left the store in the capable hands of Vanessa while I am away buying in Europe, I think the place is far more efficient!

We have attended the two massive antique and decorative trade fairs in Yorkshire... buying. These crazy events being in the middle of the night with thousands of lorries converging on disused British WWII aircraft bases.

4am starts with 5.30am lorry off-loads, it is an advantage going with my agent Greenie as he exhibits at these fairs and the buyers are not allowed in until 7.30 or 9am by which time you can cover a lot of ground finding these special pieces.

With our dollar being stronger and 25 years of practice we are able to find the quality and attractive pieces from all the dross. There was very little that we spotted and could not buy... you just had to be quick. With my agent knowing more than half of the dealers by name we were able to sticker and move on... and come back with the cash later on.

We stopped for lunch and were treated with a flying display from the nearby RAF airbase. Usually the Red Arrows practising but this day it was the massive remaining flying Vulcan Bomber, the sight and noise of this machine circling above the trees was unforgettable. It must have been practising for the D-Day 70th commemorations that were on in England and France.

By lunchtime buying over, commerce over, it was into the vans to go back and find what we had purchased. We had rented two of the biggest vans I had ever seen... like small buses.

Still we only just got it all in as I had bought a very large pair of Georgian Scottish bookcases I could not resist but I had already purchased a very large continental display case. I will try and load photographs on each day from the buying.

We are off to Sweden at the weekend to look for those wonderful Gustavian pieces that are very sought after... back to England for a night and then down to Portsmouth and across to France to find Louis XV and XVI pieces and those complimentary pieces.

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