Spring Sprang Sprong! ...2 New Shipments. Just in.

19th September 2012

September means springtime and things are springing along down here at 15 Shore Road.

The end of the dark winter months saw the launch of our new website. After 7 years of operating our original website, which we were seriously concerned would crash at any moment through the sheer volume of images being loaded on to it, we are very pleased and relieved to have our new website up and running. The clever designer met all our specifications, and we hope you like the new super-duper format as much as we do. It even detects screen width to display more furniture items on a wider screen- very clever. You can even look at images up close and personal on your iphone 5!

Two new shipments have arrived, the first a few weeks ago. One of the boys was heard to comment that he had never seen such a great ‘box of gear’.
The second container is clearing customs today and should be with us this afternoon
and unpacked by the weekend of September 22nd.
Business has been humming through winter – long may it continue …….
(i) A stunning painted Louis XVl grey sofa table with lovely turned and fluted legs - #8618
(ii) A French cherrywood extension table - 1.5m round closed, opening to 3 metres - #8621
(iii) A late 18th century three drawer side table in chestnut – wonderful colour - #8658
(iv) A painted Louis XVl chestnut two drawer, two door dresser base, alongside a wonderful (one of a pair) wing chair from the Louis XVl period - #8623
(v) An attractive pair of 1920s Art Deco leather club chairs with lovely deep seats (most quite shallow) # 8321
(vi) Painted mirror (above our fireplace) with beautiful crest is the loveliest mirror we have bought in recent times. The fine laurel leaf edge of the mirror, and its crest with torch and quiver mounted on mistletoe, make this mirror quite exceptional - #8651
(vii) A French painted armoire, one of the most attractive meshed and painted armoires we have stocked – originally from Brittany the armoire has mesh inserts and exceptionally crisp carving with egg and dart mouldings. Circa 1790 - #8491

Dimensions, Age and pricing details are on the Website


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