2012 is off to a flying start!

2nd February 2012

Another year begins at the exciting ever-changing world of John Stephens Antiques. The lovely thing about this business is that the stock and product lines are forever changing ... One would not have thought that fashion in Classical furniture would see so many changes. Our painted 18th and 19th French Provincial furniture remains fashionable ( Use the Painted Furniture Button ),as do decorative pieces. We have added a conservatory to the rear of the shop, where partly restored furniture can be viewed by customers who no longer need to be dragged to the Warehouse or our Chapel. Our shipment of knotty old French oak has arrived ( 40 tonne ) and our first Spanish style Refectory Table is at the Shop. These can be any size ( ie wider than the antique ones we import ).

A new shipment of Antique furniture arrived from France days before Christmas, it has been unloaded, sorted and restoration is well underway. We need to put the New Shipment sign up! We have agency for a classical fabric range ... perhaps the oldest branded line of upholstery fabric: Viyella. It is 100% wool, made in a mill in the far north of Scotland, from a mixture of Scottish , Australian and New Zealand wools! I hope to go to the mill on my next buying trip to Europe. The Viyella range includes Damasks, Stripes and Checks, and natural Herringbones. I would have thought fabrics might be hugely unfashionable but they look great! Customers have been choosing them for recovers and new upholstered furniture. As we import direct and the pound being weak, they ( my customers ) tell me the pricing is very good. The shipment included a number of very nice chandeliers that have been rewired and certified to New Zealand Standards, some very nice French painted and polished 18th and 19th century Armoires, and a few ( not many ) Georgian oak pieces ( use the Early Oak and Walnut Button) Weatherby was kept busy throughout 2011 last year measuring, building and installing libraries bookcases and wine cellars. ( use the Weatherby George button ). We complement this lovely furniture with antique pedestal desks, library and wine tables. Customers regularly find the piece they want with a SOLD tag on the website. We leave the sold items on the website.... they appear after the new stock .... If there is something there that you like PLEASE e-mail the image, or a link, back to me, our contacts in France and England can source similar items or we may have similar items here that are awaiting restoration.


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